The idea of Digalaux's debut album First came alive in the making of the opening track Woman. Woman gave birth to an idea to continue on an odyssey through psychedelic electro soundscapes. A roadtrip where love is formed between a real woman and a crooked man under the influence of Summer Nights.


The story is told through an half hour mix of recordings written, composed, and produced in-house. Strongly influenced by French elements, the album was taken to Paris to be mastered by Mr. Chab (Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Breakbot etc.). In that room the album was split-cut into 11 individual chapters.


Like most chapters, some are short and some are long. Some are bright and some are dark. While parts of the album are explained in words, others have been left without them, open to interpretation by its listener.

 B i o g r a p h y 

Let’s put it like this. Had Justice, Pink Floyd and Chic ever decided to adopt a kid, this would be it!

A while back ago, the trio behind Digalaux decided to disappear from the radar and embark on a sonic journey through the dark-golden ages of the 80’s straight in to the maxed out electronic vibes of the 21st century.

As their name indicates, they follow one rule, and one rule only: Digital and Analog with a French twist. The strong French influences like rough production and dark harmonics turned out to be an interesting thing to mash up with the melancholic and (to be honest) slightly naïve Swenglish melodies.

Their creative process is fueled by the countless social and musical experiments taking place in their studio Mothership. The jam sessions, open house parties, philosophical discussions and the fighting and loving always end up finding its way into their music and lyrics.  

Everything from the first demo to the final mix-down is made in-house and for the mastering they know exactly who they wanted - The best. When it became clear to them that Grammy award winning Antoine “Chab” Chabert (Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Breakbot etc.) had an opening in his schedule they immediately jumped on a flight to Paris and the legendary +30 Studio for the session of their lives. After nine hours worth of Chab’s finishing touches, involving everything from sheer brutality to ultra precise fine-tuning the album and a dream of theirs had come alive.

First is Digalaux’s first album and was originally made as a cover-to-cover mix tape, meant to be experienced as a whole. It represents the wide arrange of sounds and genres getting brought into life in the Mothership. On it you can find anything between electro pop, French touch and psychedelic electro dub. Leading the way is the first single called "Woman".








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12 OCT 2015 | CAFE de la PRESS, Paris - FR

10 OCT 2015 | Le Pop-Up du Label (DJ-set), Paris - FR

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